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Established in 2006, Dongguan Hanyue Hardware Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the manufacturing of all kinds of precise hardware spare parts and OEM products and design and manufacturing of metal plastic dies. The products mainly cover sports equipment/ medical/industrial non-standard precise electronic hardware lathe parts, spare parts of ice skates, computer gong processing and stamping, screw and rivet processing. The company ensures product quality by advanced digital controlled lathes, CNC milling machines, automatic lathes, filatures and riveting machine as well as all precise special detecting instruments. 

We are committed to establishing mutual trust cooperation relationships with clients by adhering to honesty, fulfilling confidentiality obligations, and maintaining clients’ rights and interests. Our efforts are highly praised and recognized by both old and new clients. We also keep exploring new clients. We keep expanding business and strength, upgrading equipment and making investment with time passing by in order to seek for perfect management and provide continuously progressive, all-dimension, loyal, reliable and excellent service for clients. All clients are welcomed and we’ll grow together based on reciprocity and mutual benefit.





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